A bicycle ride is a flight from sadness.
— James E. Starrs


If you're looking to get in shape, choosing to ride a bike is one of the best choices you can make. It's low-impact; most of the cost is up-front; the long-term benefits are numerous; you get a fantastic cardio workout, and solid muscle exercise as well.


Learning to ride your very first bike, or perhaps teaching your little one how to ride, is a very fulfilling experience. Riding together as a family is a truly enjoyable experience, whether that family is blood, or bonded by shared passion.


Simply put, bikes are fun to ride! No matter what type of bike you choose, where you go, or how far you ride, you're going to have a wonderful time. Get up, get out, and get on!

Multiple Buying Options


We accept all major credit cards and debit cards; we do not accept ATM cards (debit cards without a Visa/MC logo). We are up to date on the current technology, and readily accept chip cards, wi-fi enabled tap or blink cards, as well as holdover cards that still require a swipe.

Apple Pay

For those who are up on the modern technology and its various forms of payment processes, Apple Pay is taken at our store. If you have your payment information stored in your Wallet, just pull it up on your phone, hold it over our terminal; some green lights and a couple beeps later, you're golden.


Our partnership with Synchrony Financial gives us the ability to offer you the choice of special financing for your purchase. With available options, such as 6 Months No Interest* for any purchase over $199, feel confident that you've got the buying power to get exactly what you want.


Get 90 days to pay off your bicycle, with a 25% deposit and 3 monthly payments. Pick out the perfect bike, put some money down, and we will keep it safe in the store, ready and waiting for the day you make that final payment.


Your New Bicycle Comes With:

90 Days of Free Service

Enjoy 3 months of worry-free service on your new bike, compliments of all of us at Authorized. Bring your bike in as often as you like, and we will take care of any and all adjustments needed within the first 90 days free of charge.


Everything we sell is covered by one or more guarantees. All bicycles have a lifetime warranty on the frame, and all components are guaranteed free from defects for one year. If the unfortunate occurs, and you have an issue, don't stress over it; bring your bike to us, and whatever problem you are having, we will take care of it.

A Lifetime Relationship

When you get a bicycle from our store, you are getting much more than a product; you are entering into a fruitful relationship with your local cycling source. We will be here when you need repairs, riding advice, ideas on place to ride, suggestions for what to buy to enhance your experience, or just to brag or gush about how much fun you've been having with your bike!