Full Service Repairs by Professionals

We are committed to providing excellent service on every bicycle repair we complete, and we have 49 years in business to prove it. Dave, our head mechanic, has been wrenching in this shop since 1980!

Our goal is to get your bicycle repair done quickly, but most importantly, correctly. Estimates for bicycle repair are always free of charge. Most repairs are completed within 24-48 hours.

A deposit may be required on your repair, as determined by one of our mechanics. This is based on a few different factors: cost of repair vs. value of bike, special order parts, etc.

Complete repair policy can be found here

 Repair FAQ's

How much will it cost to get my bicycle repaired? 

This is impossible to tell you until we see your bike in person; we can certainly give you a rough estimate on the phone when asked about a generic repair service (i.e. brake adjustment), but until we see the bike, we cannot give you a definitive cost estimate. 

How long will my bicycle repair take?

In season (March thru September) we generally require 2-3 days to complete your repair. In the off season, you get it back either the same day, or the next day. Repairs are done in the order they are received - even though your repair may only take 30 minutes to complete, if we have 10 repairs ahead of you in the queue, there will be a delay.  We do our best to get repairs done as quickly as possible, but our main concern is getting them done right.

What guarantees are provided with your bicycle repairs? 

Every repair we do includes a 60-day labor guarantee: if the work we do doesn't stay perfect, bring it back, and we will re-adjust whatever it is, free of charge (sometimes this will  happen, especially if we have installed new parts). Speaking of parts, any parts that we replace (that are purchased from us) are guaranteed free from defects for 1 year from the date of the repair.

Do you charge fees for repairs left at the shop too long? 

Yes we do - if your repair is not picked up within 30 days, we will add $5/week in storage fees until it is picked up. If your repair is still  at the shop after 90 days, it will be sold, or donated to a local charity in your name (how nice of you!) 

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