New Bike Assembly

It's a common thing to purchase products online in modern times. Bicycles are purchased online more frequently all the time, but they still require a skilled hand to properly assemble and adjust. In fact, most companies require that new bike to be assembled by a professional to validate its warranty. If you schedule an appointment with me to have your new bicycle assembled, you're keeping the convenience of buying online and insuring that new bike is fully covered by the manufacturer should the unfortunate occur.

COST: $50 - 150

time required: 1.5 - 4 hours


Complete Tune-Up

At minimum, even a lightly used bicycle needs a complete tuning every 1-2 years. This includes adjusting all of the working parts - shifting, braking, bearings, spokes, etc. There will often be parts replaced: cables, housing, brake shoes, chain and/or other small parts. Done regularly, a good tune up will keep a quality bicycle running for decades.

cost: $60-100 + parts

time required: 1.5 - 3 hours



In addition to offering my services as a mechanic, I also offer my knowledge for those who want to learn how to perform their own repairs. Available for groups as well as individuals! Learn how to adjust your shifting, properly change flat tires, true wheels, and more.

cost: $40 per hour, group rates available

Time required: 1 - 2 hour sessions

Mobile Service Pricing

You really cannot beat the convenience of mobile services. You pay less money and you don't have to go anywhere! When you go to a bike shop for service, you're going to pay anywhere from $60+ per hour plus you have to leave your bike, sometimes for days or weeks at a time (I know this because I worked in a shop for years). When you book an appointment with me, you'll pay a flat rate of $40/hr plus parts. Not only is my labor a better value than brick and mortar shops, but you'll find my prices on parts and accessories to be more cost effective too!



Other Services

In addition to the larger services, I also perform many of the repairs and adjustments individually. Labor rate is a flat $40 per hour, regardless of what work is being performed. You don't pay a premium, ever. If you are in need of a more complex repair that I don't perform, I will refer you to a trusted local shop in your area.